Hi, I'm Sourav Ranjan Padhi

I'm a 17-year-old, smiling dude, India's youngest digital marketing & personal branding consultant, Social Media Influencer on Instagram & Facebook, Keynote Speaker & a hardcore social media communicator. I can help you to be more effective with your branding & marketing strategy, optimize your workflows and get more done.


I determine, drive, divide
about digital marketing, personal branding & motivation. Over these past 2 years, I have transformed myself into a “Valuable Virtual Consultant”. 

So, you might be looking for the latest practical ways to understand digital marketing & you might be someone who has no clue about this digital ocean.

Welcome to the “Digital Pratik Tools & Resources” Page, which contains a list of the best tools and websites which I personally use (or might have used in the past) & recommend for building and optimizing your digital business)

I can understand that we all are living in 2020 fast pace world so may be you are not a reader just like me. May be you want to consume digital marketing content in the form of audio. Then my daily podcast show is your destination

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